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Eyelash extension accessories are essential tools for precise and successful application. Among these accessories, we find delicate tweezers, eyelash applicators, microfiber brushes, lip brushes or mascara brushes as well as rings or palettes for glue.

The specially designed tweezers allow precise manipulation of eyelash extensions, facilitating their optimal placement on natural lashes. Lash applicators provide a gentle grip for separating and placing individual lashes, ensuring thorough and even application.

Microfiber brushes are ideal for brushing and separating lashes before and after application, ensuring a flawless finish. Glue rings or paddles provide a practical space for depositing and working with glue without the risk of premature drying.

In addition to these accessories, it is recommended to have special cleaning products available to maintain the tools and guarantee their longevity. Strict accessory hygiene is crucial for safe application and optimal results.

These specialized accessories are indispensable partners for eyelash extension professionals, offering precision, ease of use and quality for professional-quality applications and impeccable aesthetic results.