Article 1 : General provisions

The purpose of these general conditions is to define the rights and obligations of the parties regarding registration for TRAINING organized by Beautiful Academy. By completing the TRAINING admission file, the PARTICIPANT/CLIENT acknowledges having read and accepted without reservation the content and application of these general conditions, the disclaimer and the privacy policy.

These general conditions take precedence over any general conditions of the PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER, which the latter expressly accepts and can only be deviated from by express special conditions signed by Beautiful Academy.

The section titles herein are used for reference purposes and do not affect the meaning of the terms and conditions.

Article 2 : Definitions

TRAINING: Any type of short or long-term teaching, organized during the day or evening, including seminars, conferences and events, inter or intra-company (including tailor-made training) by Beautiful Academy Belgium under the academic responsibility of Beautiful Academy.

PARTICIPANT/CLIENT/CLIENT: Any natural or legal person who has either completed and sent an admission file or approved a purchase order for intra-company training, and who therefore accepts the content and application of these terms and conditions.

Article 3 : Registration for training

The parties are only contractually bound after acceptance by Beautiful Academy of the PARTICIPANT/CLIENT’s registration application file.

The PARTICIPANT/CLIENT may under no circumstances transfer all or part of the rights arising from their registration to a third party without the prior written consent of Beautiful Academy.

The PARTICIPANT/CLIENT undertakes to communicate accurate and complete data when registering, and to immediately communicate any subsequent modifications.

Article 4 : Acceptance of registration

Beautiful Academy is the sole judge of the acceptance or refusal of an application file. The decision will be based on the examination of the profiles and motivations of the PARTICIPANT/CLIENTS as well as the coherence of the group and the required prerequisites. The refusal of a registration file is not subject to any appeal, and in no way casts doubt on the abilities of the persons refused. A refusal to register is valid for one session and one training course and does not constitute a definitive refusal.

Article 5 : Prices and invoicing

§1 The prices in force at the time of acceptance by Beautiful Academy of the PARTICIPANT/CLIENT’s admission file remain applicable for the entire duration of the TRAINING, it being understood that any postponement of a module, when this case is explicitly provided for, does not can only be done over a maximum of 1 consecutive course session.

§2 In all other cases, any price increases that will be applied by Beautiful Academy will automatically bind the PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER without the latter being able to terminate the CONTRACT binding them to Beautiful Academy.

§3 Unless there are written exceptions from Beautiful Academy, all invoices issued by it are payable in euros within ten days following sending of the invoice, notwithstanding any dispute and without any compensation or right of retention. cannot be relied on on the sums owed by the PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER. Payments must be made by the PARTICIPANT to the bank account shown on the invoice.

§4 Failure to pay, even partially, an invoice when due or failure to observe any payment deadlines has the consequence that the total amount of the debt held by Beautiful Academy against the PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER will become immediately due and payable.

§5 Drafts and checks are not accepted as means of payment.

§6 In the absence of payment of all or part of the sums due when due, these will be increased, automatically and without prior notice, by late payment interest of 1% per month as well as compensation. fixed rate set at 15% of the principal amount due as a penalty clause with a minimum of €150.

§7 In the event of non-payment of any amount due on the due date by the PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER, Beautiful Academy reserves the right, automatically and without prior notice, to terminate the CONTRACT to the exclusive fault of the PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER or to totally or partially suspend the execution of any obligation arising from the CONTRACT, without prejudice to its right to compensation for the damage suffered.

Article 6 : Right of Renunciation

§1 The PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER has the right to notify Beautiful Academy, in writing, that he is renouncing his registration, without penalties and without giving a reason, within 3 working days from the day after the day of notification by Beautiful Academy either from the acceptance of their registration or the order form, and only as long as the TRAINING has not been started and attended by the PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER.

§2 The PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER may cancel his registration or order beyond the deadline mentioned in §1, in writing, with reasonable justification, up to 15 calendar days before the start of the TRAINING, which will result in the loss of the deposit paid. However, the deposit can be postponed for a future training, and only once!

§3 The fact that invoicing for TRAINING does not occur before the start of TRAINING is in no way an acceptable justification for canceling a registration and deviating from the rules set out in §1 and 2 of this article.

§4 Whatever the TRAINING, the replacement of a PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER by another is only permitted, exceptionally, with formal agreement from Beautiful Academy, and this on the basis of a reasoned written request.

Article 7 : Cancellation, changes of dates and speakers, modifications

§1 In the event of the occurrence of a case of force majeure or lack of sufficient registrations for a TRAINING, Beautiful Academy will have the right to cancel a TRAINING or to modify the dates without resulting in the reimbursement of the deposit paid .

§2 In the event that a speaker is unable to attend due to illness or any other reason, Beautiful Academy will have the right to change the speaker without notice or to postpone the intervention of the speaker prevented in time and to set a new date for his conference or training.

§3 In the event of a change in the dates of the TRAINING, the PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER will have the right to ask Beautiful Academy to participate in another future Training organized by Beautiful Academy.

This request must be brought to the attention of Beautiful Academy in writing within 5 working days following the date on which Beautiful Academy has notified the change of dates to the PARTICIPANT/CLIENT. If there is no reaction from the PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER within this period, their registration will be considered confirmed for the new dates.

§4 In the event of a change of speaker and/or setting of a new conference date, the PARTICIPANT/CLIENT will not be entitled to any reimbursement from Beautiful Academy.

Article 8 : Liability

§1 Beautiful Academy is not bound by any obligation of result. Consequently, Beautiful Academy cannot be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies or honest errors in the programs included on its site or those of its partners, nor for the consequences that these could have for the PARTICIPANTS. /CLIENTS.

§2 which is said orally as part of the courses, seminars and conferences organized as part of the TRAINING.

§3 Beautiful Academy does not guarantee that the Training offered corresponds to the needs of the user who is solely responsible for their choice.

§4 Beautiful Academy will not be held responsible for bodily injury or material damage occurring to the PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER, with the exception of those caused by manifest or gross negligence on their part. In no case will Beautiful Academy have any obligation or liability for direct damage, in particular the responsibility of Beautiful Academy cannot under any circumstances be engaged in the losses or profits made by the PARTICIPANT/CLIENT or the clients of the latter.

Article 9 : Intellectual property rights

§1 Beautiful Academy cannot be held liable under any circumstances on the basis of the law of June 30, 1994 relating to copyright and related rights or more generally, in the event of any violation of one or more copyright rights. intellectual property relating to the documents provided to PARTICIPANTS/CLIENTS as part of TRAINING, seminars and conferences.

§2 All intellectual property rights, including copyright, relating to the documents provided to PARTICIPANTS/CLIENTS as part of the TRAINING remain the property of Beautiful Academy or the person concerned.

The PARTICIPANT/CLIENT may neither record, nor cause to be recorded, nor reproduce, nor broadcast, nor sell, nor distribute, nor adapt, nor transfer, directly or indirectly, without the prior written consent of Beautiful Academy and/or the person directly concerned, any intellectual property rights whatsoever, including copyright and related rights protected by the law of June 30, 1994, relating to the documents provided to it within the framework of TRAINING, seminars and conferences.

Article 10 : Personal data and photos

§1 The personal data of PARTICIPANTS/CLIENTS which have been communicated by them to Beautiful Academy Continue are intended for its internal use and the management of its TRAINING. PARTICIPANT/CLIENTS have a right of access to this data and, where applicable, a right to rectify it as provided for by the Belgian law of December 8, 1992.

§2 The PARTICIPANT/CLIENTS expressly authorize Beautiful Academy to use their name and contact details with regard to the promotion of any present and future TRAINING organized by it.

§3 Photos taken during training and events. Beautiful Academy will be the full property of Beautiful Academy. Beautiful Academy may use the portrait of the PARTICIPANT/CLIENTs taken during training or events (these activities being considered an integral part of the public life of the PARTICIPANT/CLIENTs) to illustrate its publications, website and other media. Beautiful Academy guarantees that the use which will be made of these documents will remain within the framework of an illustration in relation to the profession, the situation or the reasons for which the PARTICIPANT/CLIENTs were photographed.

Article 11 : Confidentiality

Each Party agrees to consider as confidential and therefore not to copy, adapt, modify or disclose to any other third party any information or material given to its employed agents or subcontractors in the exercise of this CONTRACT. and which would include information concerning the other party or its business, its organization, its working methods, its know-how, its customers, programs or products or which concerns a relationship with related companies.

Article 12 : Autonomy of provisions

The nullity or unenforceability of one of the provisions or one of the clauses of the CONTRACT binding the PARTICIPANT/CUSTOMER to Beautiful Academy (which includes in particular these general conditions) does not affect the validity of the other provisions or clauses of the CONTRACT which remain fully valid.

The parties agree to endeavor to replace by mutual agreement the invalid or unenforceable provision or clause with a valid and applicable clause whose effect is as much as possible identical to that provided for by the provision or clause in dispute. The obligations of the parties arising from a void or unenforceable provision or clause are suspended until its replacement in the CONTRACT.

Article 13 : Proof

In their mutual relations, the parties accept that in the event of a dispute, both these general conditions and the disclaimer and the privacy policy available on the Beautiful Academy website and/or printed on paper are admissible within the framework of a judicial or extrajudicial procedure.

Article 14 : Modifications and waiver

§1 No modification of these general conditions may take place unless it is negotiated, authorized and signed by a duly authorized representative of Beautiful Academy and this modification contains the express mention that it consists of an adaptation of these conditions.

§2 The fact that a Party does not insist on requiring strict compliance with any clause of the CONTRACT, and the fact that a Party does not exercise any right that it is supposed to have under this CONTRACT, will not constitute a waiver of the requirement to comply completely with the CONTRACT.

Acquiescence by any Party to any non-compliance with this AGREEMENT will not constitute acquiescence to subsequent non-compliance. No acquiescence with respect to non-compliance with any provision of this AGREEMENT will be effective unless it clearly specifies that it is an acquiescence and is communicated to the other Party in accordance with the this CONTRACT.

Article 15 : Complete nature of these presents

The Parties accept that the CONTRACT constitutes the entire contractual relationship between the Parties and cancels and replaces all correspondence, writing, negotiation, exchange of information on this subject, prior to sending the registration file. This CONTRACT binds the co-contractors, including all successors, heirs or assignees, whatever the legal modifications or transformations, substantive and formal, which may affect them, following merger, absorption, transfer, implementation management, etc.

Article 16 : Force majeure

Neither Party will be liable to the other under this CONTRACT for any breach of the CONTRACT, for any damage or loss which could be borne by the other Party due to any circumstance beyond its reasonable control, including , and without limitation, any force majeure, shutdown of electrical supplies, computer virus, fire, computer crime, strike, riot, war, military operation or government decision, without this list being exhaustive.

If a Party wishes to use this clause, it must send, as soon as it can, a registered letter to the other Party explaining the circumstances justifying force majeure and the means it is implementing to resume the normal course of business. things.

Article 17 : Jurisdictions and Applicable Law

§1 These general conditions and more generally, the CONTRACT binding Beautiful Academy to the PARTICIPANT/CLIENTS, are governed by Belgian law to the exclusion of any other law.

§2 Any dispute relating to the conclusion, interpretation or execution of these clauses or the related contract will be submitted to the courts of Brussels subject to the right of Beautiful Academy to bring the dispute before the courts of the customer’s headquarters or domicile.