Discover the Exclusive treatment BROW LIFT/KERATIN !

The English term “BROW LIFT” translates to “eyebrow lifting”.

The BROW LIFT technique and pure keratin treatment aims to thicken and straighten your eyebrows thanks to a product composed of 5 natural ingredients promoting hair growth.

Coming straight from Russia, Brow Lift is a cosmetic technique that individually fixes each eyebrow hair in a precise position. The goal is to shape each hair to make styling easier in the morning during your beauty routine.

Instant result: your eyes are enhanced and your eyebrows appear fuller!

The BROW LIFT remains a temporary solution. Thanks to this treatment, no more daily need to pencil in your eyebrows every morning, excellent news, isn’t it?

Who is this treatment for?

The BROW LIFT is primarily aimed at those who want thicker eyebrows. The hairs are treated and dyed using specific products, without adding anything to the skin.

It is also suitable for clients with unruly eyebrows (very full, falling hairs, etc.) that are difficult to control when applying the pencil.

It is even possible to apply this treatment to thin eyebrows to obtain a volume effect. The results are truly spectacular for this type of eyebrows.

How long does this treatment last?

As with other eyelash services, the duration of your BROW LIFT will depend on the life cycle of your eyebrows as well as the maintenance you give them. On average, a BROW LIFT lasts around 6 to 8 weeks.

What result?

Different results can be obtained, depending on the hair and eyebrows.

The result can also be different if you opt for a dye or not.

We recommend tinting only if you like the effect of made-up eyebrows.

How to make an appointment?

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