This article is intended for all eye enthusiasts.

My name is Simona and I have been an expert in the field of eyelash extensions for almost 8 years. My career in this field has been punctuated by in-depth training with the most renowned masters and enriching experience which has allowed me to acquire solid know-how.

After obtaining around twenty certificates thanks to my renowned training courses, winner and member of the jury of numerous eyelash extension competitions, I decided to train myself.

By practicing more than 6000 poses to date, I can pass on to you all my know-how that I acquired while practicing. I can also tell you about the mistakes to avoid and what you need to do to succeed easily.

My passion, and my taste for perfection, I want to pass them on.

My motto: “the only way to learn and evolve is to continuously train”

Starting from this principle, even today, I never stop renewing myself and finding the best techniques, the best products, the best equipment and ABOVE ALL, the best way to teach eyelash extensions.

I take a great interest in the well-being of the participants in my training, I prefer to have classes of 4 students maximum to have time to personally take care of each of them.

My strength is also follow-up after training. “I never release my students into the wild.” I do not hesitate to provide advice and answer questions and fears that certain students might have, even from past training.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of exploring different techniques and trends in the field of eyelash extensions which led me to develop the training module to BECOME LASH EXPERT, designed to pass on my in-depth knowledge to future eye professionals.

If you don’t know how to choose your eyelash extension training, here is a short explanation of the BECOME LASH EXPERT module

  • The first trainingJunior Lash expert training is training for beginners. It focuses on the essential basics of eyelash extensions and is aimed at those who want to get started in this exciting field. I share the fundamentals, best practices and eyelash application techniques to offer natural and elegant results. Thanks to all my techniques learned over the years and my personal approach, each student will leave this training armed to be able to carry out eyelash-to-lash application according to the rules of the art. They will have acquired the solid foundations of this profession to then launch into volume. Because before wanting to follow Russian volume training, it is imperative to master 3 technical aspects which are the pillars of the Lash Expert profession: The direction of eyelash extensions, the isolation of natural eyelashes and the distance between the extensions and the eyelid .

formation de base en extensions de cils


  • The second training that I created “training Volume Lash Expert”, is a Russian volume training course to master the perfect volume. This is training for those who have already followed the Junior Lash Expert training, for all those who have mastered the eyelash-to-lash extensions method and who want to take the next step, for all those who already have some experience and who aspire to perfect their art. We explore cutting-edge techniques, varied styles and tips to meet the most specific requests of clients. Each student will leave this training ready to practice on their clients and once they have acquired solid experience, they will be able to tackle special curvatures.
    • The most important points we cover during Russian volume training are:
    • The perfect fan (personal technique to succeed with your fans every time)
    • How to get the perfect line, by learning the basics of layering
    • Russian volume basic stylization

formation volume russe parfait


  • Finally, my third training is “Lash training Expert Pro”. This training is intended for those who have already mastered volume and who want to offer different poses to their clients, to those who have followed the Volume Lash Expert training and above all, to those who have perfectly mastered volume. During this training is dedicated to special curvatures we learn
  • the eyeliner effect
  • the mascara effect
  • the Kim K. effect (Whispy)

The Lash Expert Pro training will also allow you to differentiate yourself from simple eyelash installers.

BONUS: mini marketing training to talk about money and how to increase your turnover.

formation courbures L M

Each of my eyelash extension training courses is the result of my experience (more than 6,000 applications to date), my passion for the profession and my desire to transmit authentic and cutting-edge know-how. The beauty of the eye is an art in constant evolution, and I am committed to supporting my students in this exciting adventure.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”